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Liquor License Network is California’s leading premier liquor license brokerage and consulting firm. We specialize in the sale, purchase and facilitation of liquor licenses. Our team of experts offers more than 12 years of liquor licensing experience to many satisfied clients. Our network of experts takes the difficult task of locating, negotiating and acquiring or selling a liquor license for you.

Technology Driven and Extensive Inventory

We lead the way in applying technology driven applications to the liquor license markets of today. We maintain a complete and extensive database of all recent liquor license sales within the state of California thereby enabling us to negotiate with the ease and viability available to us, ensuring that our clients are getting a fair and honest deal.In addition to the technology at our disposal, we are up-to-date in all the aspects of the processing of local and regional zoning applications and conditional use permits.


Obtaining a liquor license in California can be a frustrating and overwhelming process, but we have the staff and experience required to make the transaction smooth and effortless. We understand that many of our clients are unfamiliar with the process of liquor license acquisitions. Our services are unmatched in the industry by being committed to you, the client, through our in-depth experience in the handling of hundreds of license transfers. Our clients are able to avoid the many unforeseeable pitfalls of a complicated license process.

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We have arranged the purchase and transfer of alcoholic beverages licenses for numerous large corporations like yours. Our satisfied clients include national restaurant chains, supermarkets, convenience stores and discount stores as well as hotels, resorts, golf courses, and stadiums. Our thorough dedication amounts to satisfied clients being able to buy or sell their beer, wine and liquor license with the ease and peace of mind they need. At Liquor License Network, we know our work is not complete until your license escrow closes. You can be one of our many satisfied customers.

California Constitution Article XX State Control of Liquor Sales

The State of California, subject to the internal revenue laws of the United States, shall have the exclusive right and power to license and regulate the manufacture, sale, purchase, possession and transportation of alcoholic beverages within the State, and subject to the laws of United States regulating commerce between foreign nations and among the sate shall have the exclusive right and power to regulate the importation into and exportation from the State, of alcoholic beverages. In the exercise of these rights and powers, the Legislature shall not constitute the State or any agency thereof a manufacturer or seller of alcoholic beverages.

All alcoholic beverages may be bought, sold, served, consumed, and otherwise disposed of in premises which shall be licensed as provided by the Legislature. In providing for the licensing of premises, the Legislature may provide for the issuance of, among other licenses, licenses for the following types of premises where the alcoholic beverages specified in the licenses may be sold and served for consumption upon the premises.

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