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Applying for a liquor licenseWe Help With Corporate Filings

In addition to liquor licensing, Liquor License Network also assists companies navigate throughout the process of corporate filings to reduce time and paperwork.

Our highly-trained staff is equipped to help any sized business (corporations, LLCs, general partnerships, domestic partnerships, joint ventures, LPs, etc.) make changes or updates.

We get the process done in a timely manner and keep all paperwork up-to-date with the evolution of your business.

Services include filing for:

• Changes in Articles of Incorporation
• Statement of Information
• Articles of Organization
• Stock Transfer
• Stock Update
• Equity Transfer
• Equity Update
• Corporate Minute Changes
• LLC Operating Agreement Changes
• Stock Certificate Changes
• Secretary of State Update Changes
• P-12 Company Updates & Filings

Here are a few reasons why you should put your business under a corporate or LLC entity.

Owners can protect their personal savings and possessions from business debts. Like a sole proprietorship or partnership, an LLC enjoys pass-through taxation. This means that owners (also known as “members”) report their share of profits or losses in the company on their individual tax returns.

Owner Protection from Legal Liability: Once a new business’ owner(s) successfully completes the incorporation process, the owner(s) has a limited amount of legal liability for the corporation’s business activities and debts, because in the eyes of the law, the corporation is a separate entity.

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