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Offering the lowest fees for liquor license brokerage services.

Selling a Liquor License

We have qualified buyers who are ready to purchase a liquor license in San Bernandino.  If we do not have one in our database, we find one for you. 

We help buyers arrange financing and everything to make the transaction as easy as possible. 

If we do not have the liquor license you want, we will find it.

Buying a Liquor License

Our extensive database helps find liquor licenses for your purchase in San Bernardino.  Over the 25+ years that we have been doing this, we have accumulated many licenses and information to help find the license you need. 

We Can Answer Questions

We have the knowledge you need to buy or sell a liquor license in San Bernardino.

Specializing in liquor license brokerage makes us experts in the industry.

You can utilize our experience to make your transaction as smooth as possible.

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Liquor License Brokerage in San Bernardino

Liquor License Network is the premier liquor license brokerage and consulting firm in San Bernardino. With over 25 years of experience in liquor licensing, we excel at locating, negotiating, and buying/selling liquor licenses to the satisfaction of our customers. Our specialized licensing services simplify the application process and guide you from start to finish.

Our Extensive Database is Technology-Driven

We maintain a technology-driven database that includes all recent liquor license sales in San Bernardino, enabling us to ensure a fair deal in your specific transaction. Our knowledge of the current market and understanding of the latest processes of regional and local zoning applications and conditional use permits make negotiations easy and viable. We are leaders in the alcohol license market, whether you are buying or selling, and we are committed to providing excellent services to you.


A Smooth Transaction

Avoid frustration and overwhelm when obtaining your San Bernardino liquor license with Liquor License Network. Our experienced staff is here to ensure an effortless and smooth transaction for you. Our services are unmatched in the industry, especially for customers who are unfamiliar with liquor license acquisitions. We are committed to providing you with our in-depth experience, gained through the handling of hundreds of license transactions, and helping you navigate the difficult licensing process while avoiding the many pitfalls that may arise.

Our Excellent Service

At Liquor License Network, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service in arranging the buying and selling of alcoholic beverage licenses to large corporations in various industries. Our satisfied clients include supermarkets, national restaurant chains, discount stores, convenience stores, resorts, hotels, stadiums, and golf courses. Our dedication to our clients ensures that they can complete their liquor, wine, or beer transactions with peace of mind. We believe our work is only complete when your liquor license escrow is closed, and we are committed to your satisfaction. Call us today to experience our excellent service.

California Constitution Article XX State Control of Liquor Sales Applies to San Bernardino

The State of California, subject to the internal revenue laws of the United States, shall have the exclusive right and power to license and regulate the manufacture, sale, purchase, possession and transportation of alcoholic beverages within the State, and subject to the laws of United States regulating commerce between foreign nations and among the sate shall have the exclusive right and power to regulate the importation into and exportation from the State, of alcoholic beverages. In the exercise of these rights and powers, the Legislature shall not constitute the State or any agency thereof a manufacturer or seller of alcoholic beverages.

All alcoholic beverages may be bought, sold, served, consumed, and otherwise disposed of in premises which shall be licensed as provided by the Legislature. In providing for the licensing of premises, the Legislature may provide for the issuance of, among other licenses, licenses for the following types of premises where the alcoholic beverages specified in the licenses may be sold and served for consumption upon the premises.

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Liquor License in San Bernardino

Let us help you with your San Bernardino liquor license needs.

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