We are happy to announce that ABC has released their 2020 priority drawing which authorizes new liquor licenses and intercounty transfers. From September 14th-25 in Counties where ABC authorized new licenses and intercounty transfers applications will be accepted at local ABC district offices. Only one priority application will be accepted from any one applicant per county for each type of license. To participate in this year’s lottery, one must submit ABC 251-1 with scheduled fees: $6,000 for intercounty and $15,835 for new on-sale general. Payment needs to be done by a cashier’s check, certified check, or money order.

If the number of applicants within a county for each type of license is equal or less than the number of authorized licenses all applicants will be notified and they will have 90 days to submit a formal application with a specific business address.

If ABC receives more applicants than authorized licenses, a virtual drawing/lottery will be held. Please keep in mind to participate in the drawing, the applicant must be a resident of California for at least 90 days prior to the date of the scheduled lottery. Once the lottery has taken place every applicant will have a corresponding number in the order they were drawn. First applicant drawn will be number one, second applicant drawn will be number two and so forth.

Successfully drawn applicants that were matched with the number of licenses available will be notified and will have to submit a formal application with ABC within 90 days. Unsuccessful drawn participants will be automatically refunded the fees, minus a $100 service fee, within 90-120 days of the drawing but they will retain their ranking until a new priority list of applicants is established in the 2021 drawing. Keeping a rank means that if a successful participant does not file for a formal application within the timeframe, the next drawn applicant will get notified and have to submit a formal application for the new license. In other words, if there are 10 new licenses in a county and a participant was ranked number 11 if any of those 10 applicants does not submit a formal application the numbered 11 participant will be the next in line to formally apply for the new license. Successful applicants who file a formal application for a new license that decide to withdraw their formal application will be entitled to a refund.  

We encourage you to file your application early within the filing period (September 14th-25th) to avoid any lengthy wait given that ABC is working under a COVID-19 pandemic. Keep checking back for new updates regarding this year’s lottery or feel free to contact our Senior Licensing Director a call or email for further assistance or questions.

 Jessica Harris (209)846-0488 jessica@liquorlicensenetwork.com

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