By the end of August ABC will be announcing authorization for new original licenses for both on-sale general and off-sale general licenses. In addition, ABC will announce new authorizations for intercounty transfer of on-sale general and off-sale general licenses. As expected, ABC will provide a full list of all counties that are eligible for new on-sale general, new off-sale general, and intercounty transfers.

In authorized counties from September 14th-Sepember 25th, 2020 applications for new original licenses and intercounty transfers will be accepted at District offices. Pricing starts at $6,000 for an intercounty and $15,835 for a new on-sale or off-sale general license. Only a certified check, cashier’s check or money order is accepted with the application which should be made payable to Alcoholic Beverage Control.

This year the priority drawings for new licenses will take place October 19th-30th.