It is almost that time of year where business owners start looking into the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) priority drawing. The yearly ABC priority drawing, or commonly know as the ABC lottery, is a two-week period during September. The ABC lottery gives out new licenses in certain counties (some counties do not issue new licenses based on population).

We like to recommend buying a license through a private party because one’s chances of obtaining a license are much greater than waiting for the lottery. Many business owners prefer buying a license through a private party since the license is a current existing license.

Depending on budget, a business owner may only be able to invest into a brand-new license in the ABC lottery. A major down side with the ABC lottery is one is not guaranteed a license. For example, Los Angeles is issuing 25 new licenses and there are 200 applicants, everyone will be put in one pot and the first 25 to get draw are the lucky ones that get a new license. The new licensees cannot move or sell the license for two whole years starting from the date the license is issued. For the 175 applicants that were not drawn, they will have to buy a license through a private party if they still need a license or they can wait till next years ABC lottery and hope they get lucky.

Just because the ABC lottery starts around September, you do not have to wait till then to get started! Give us a call for pricing on new licenses for this year’s ABC lottery (800)735-9073