Oakland Indie Alliance is raising money to support Oakland’s independently owned businesses that are negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Alliance is giving out $10,000 grants to local businesses.
The first goal of the campaign is to raise $4 million dollars in funding which will go towards the projected need of $10 Million to $12 Million. The $10K grants will start to distribute once the campaign has raised $250K. This campaign will target small businesses in each of Oakland’s distinct neighborhoods i.e. Fruitvale, Chinatown, Dimond District, Golden Gate, and West Oakland.

The business does NOT have to an official member of the Oakland Indie Alliance to the eligible for the grant. Most importantly, proof of citizenship, background checks, and financial statements from business owners will NOT be required as a part of the application process.

To qualify for the grant, the business must be independently owned or micro-business (none franchises) in Oakland and the business owner(s) must be Bay Area residents. The business must have 1-100 employees and adds positive value to the community’s health in a non-extractive business model. The application process will not begin until the first $250K of the goal is met. Priority will be given to businesses that:
• Have established legacy of 10+ operating years in selected neighborhoods;
• Demonstrate positive footprint in the neighborhood by social impact and contribute to the economic health of the neighborhood by wage jobs.
• Have not yet received any other assistance from the City of Oakland Fund, or over $10K total Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) or Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) loans;
• Owned by and employ community members who represent Oakland’s racial and socioeconomic demographics e.g. BICOP (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), specifically people of color and immigrants.

For more information or to donate please visit Oakland Indie Alliance website. Donations are 100% tax deductible.