Over half way through 2020 and Covid-19 does not seem to be slowing down. With the Governor ordering counties to close dine in and bars on and off many businesses have taken advantage of ABC’s fast track expansion process. This process helps licensed business comply with social distancing guidelines in California by allowing the business to temporary expand the premise to a nearby space such as sidewalks, parking lots, etc. As always please check with your local city guidelines and regulations before applying for the expansion with ABC. This fast track expansion process can be completed in simple 3 steps:

  1. Complete form ABC-218
    • Before completing this application, please review Form ABC-218 CV19 Instr. for important ABC information regarding the COVID-19 Temporary Catering Authorization.
    • To complete form: Fill in your license number on the top right corner. Complete #1-11. Read and acknowledge all 7 boxes then sign and date at the bottom.
  2. Complete form ABC-253
    • Complete #1-4, sketch or paste a diagram of the new space you will be using. The diagram should include dimensions along with description of the space. See example
  3. Submission & Fees
    • A check for $100 payable to ABC must be submitted with both forms to your local ABC District Office
    • Once it’s approved you will get a confirmation via email.

For questions or assistance with submitting your fast track expansion process please give us a call (800)735-9073 or email jessica@liquorlicensenetwork.com