What Type of License is Required
There are many types of liquor licenses and depending on the type of establishment that you plant to open will require a specific license. The two most common licenses are a Type 47 Beer, Wine, and Hard Liquor license and a Type 41 Beer and Wine license. Another thing to keep in mind is that you are opening a restaurant it will need to be a “bona fide eating place” meaning that 51% of gross income will need to come from food sales. To see the different types of liquor licenses check out our articles What Kind of License Do I Need to Sell Beer, What Kind of License Do I Need to Sell Hard Liquor, and What are the Different Type of Liquor Licenses for Bar Owners?

What Type of Permit is Required
In most cases the type of permit required is called the Conditional Use Permit or “CUP.” The zoning permit will allow the land that you are looking at to be used and generally stays with the property even if the owners change. For more information on zoning permits check out our article on Zoning Requirements.

Are there Other Restaurants Serving Alcohol
The Alcoholic Beverage Control and local municipalities monitor the number of restaurants and business that are serving alcohol in a certain area. They take into factor the number of establishments in order to control what is called “Overconcentration” which is the ratio of licenses to population. Another factor is high crime rates in an area. A high crime rate will exist if the crime rate is 20% above the municipality average. If any of these two factors exist you will need to get a “Public Convenience and Necessity.” If you cannot obtain this then ABC cannot approve your license application

How Long Are You Willing to Wait
Waiting can be the hardest part of the process. It can usually take anywhere from 3 to 12 months to obtain the required zoning approval. The license approval from ABC generally doesn’t take as long but it could happen. You can always choose the expedite your review times but that will, in the end, end up costing more and taking away from your overall budget.

What Can You Afford to Spend
Fees for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) can vary per city but they can generally range anywhere from $7,000 for a standard review and $15,000 for an expedited review. Keep in mind, that’s the money just to get the permit to use the land, that doesn’t even cover the fees for the liquor license. The fees for a Type 47 license are typically $12,000 or more and the fees for a Type 41 license are typical $650 or more.

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