This year ABC will be issuing 5 new Type 87 licenses in San Francisco County. A Type 87 is Special On-Sale General license with authorizes the sale of beer Neighborhood Restricted Special On-Sale General License. This type of liquor licenses can only be issued and transferred within specific census tract. This specific Type 87 liquor license takes a little more due diligence on the applicant’s part prior to submitting their application. Prior to submitting their application, the applicant must hold a minimum of one preapplication meeting to discuss the interest of a new license with neighbors and members of the community within the census tract in which the business is to be located. The meeting must be held either at the business address or any other address within a one-mile radios of the business. At least 14 days before the meeting, the applicant must also mail out notifications of the preapplication meeting to the following individuals and organizations:

  • Each resident within a 500-foot radius of the business where the license will be issued.
  • Any relevant neighborhood associations for the neighborhood in which the business is located. This list can be obtained by the Planning Depart of San Francisco and/or the County of San Francisco.
  • The Chief of Police for the San Francisco Police Department.

From September 14th-25th ABC will accept applications for Type 87 liquor licenses at the San Francisco District office located at 33 New Montgomery St. ste 1230, San Francisco, CA 94105 or at other ABC district office near you.

To sumbit an application for a Type 87 liquor license:

  1. Fully read the entire ABC-522 INSTR.
  2. Complete ABC-522
  3. Hold Preapplication meeting and have ABC-522-1 signed by the local governing body.
  4. Cashier’s check, certified check, or money order payable to Alcoholic Beverage Control for $15, 835

For questions or assistance please contact our Senior Licensing Director, Jessica Harris, via email or via phone (209)864-0488