To sell liquor, beer and wine in the state of California, you must apply with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). In the state of California there are two main types of liquor licenses, on-sale retail and off-sale retail.

On-sale liquor licenses grant privileges for onsite consumption. There are two main groups for on-sale retail licenses: beer and wine (Type 41 and Type 42) and full on-sale general liquor (Type 47 and Type 48). These two main groups are then narrowed down to the type of business you have. Type 41s and Type 47s are incidental to food service and commonly used for full service restaurants. The business must have a kitchen and all age group are welcomed to be on premise. For Type 42s and Type 48s, no food service is required; these licenses are commonly used for bars or taverns. Due to the business nature of a Type 42 and Type 48, only 21 and up are allowed on premise.

On the other hand, off-sale retail liquor licenses grant privileges for customers to purchase the alcohol and consume off premise. There are only two main liquor licenses that grant off-sale privileges— Type 20 and Type 21. A Type 20 only offers privileges for beer and wine while Type 21 offers privileges for beer, wine, and spirits. These two types of off-sale retail liquor licenses are commonly used for service stations, convenient stores, grocery stores, etc.
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