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In order for your bar to be able to serve alcoholic beverages you’ll need to have a liquor license. There are several different types of liquor licenses that bar owners need to be aware of. The name of each license may be different for your area but each one has its own set of guidelines so you’ll need to pick the one that best suits your bar.


Some states require taverns to offer a food menu. If your bar serves food but half of your sales are alcohol, your state or local government may require you to apply for a tavern license. This is something to keep in mind if you are planning on selling food along with the alcoholic beverages

Beer and Wine

Just as the name states, this will only allow the selling of beer and wine. You will not be able to see liquor or distilled spirits. There are some states that require small restaurants, ones that seat 40 to 100 patrons, to have this license and no other. If you are only wanting to sell beer or wine and nothing else then this is the license for you.


This type of license will allow you to see and serve beer, wine, and liquor. This means that there is no limitation on what kinds of alcoholic beverages can be served. There is a catch though and each state will vary. What you’ll need to keep in mind is that only a certain percentage of your sales can come from alcohol and some states have a different percentage but the typical is 40%.


This type of license is going to be for private club owners, the best example of this is a country club or golfing clubs. These types of businesses are eligible for separate licensing that allows the club to serve alcoholic beverages to their members. Typically only beer and wine is allowed to be sold on the club’s premises but some states do allow for all forms of liquor.


Some states will require a separate license to serve brewed beer on the same premises where the beer is brewed. You will want to contact your local government to see if any additional licenses are required if you are going to be brewing your own beer of if your business will be brewing. Some states issue what is called an “Alternating Premises” license that will allow the brewing of beer in certain seasons and then the selling in other. Find which one your local government issues and go from there.

Eating Place

This license is reserved for carryout businesses such as delis and sandwich shops. WIth this type of license you can sell and offer a small amount of carry out beer. You will be limited to the amount that you can sell to one person and that will vary based upon your state but most will allow the selling of one six-pack per customer.


Just as the name implies this license is going to be for grocery, drug, and liquor stores. This will allow for the selling of all types of liquor.

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