The Alcoholic Beverage Control of California (ABC) host a drawing every year to issue new licenses, it’s commonly known as the ABC lottery. The ABC lottery is an anticipated-state wide event for many reasons the major one being that you can get a new license for a very cheap price! This year’s pricing starts at $6,000.00 for an Intercounty and $15,384.00 for an Original.

What’s the difference between an intercounty and an original you may ask? An intercounty allows you to bring in an already existing license from another county into the county that is accepting transfers. An Original license is a brand new license—which are hard to come by depending on the county. Check out differences between buying from a private party VS waiting for the lottery here.

To get into the drawing one must complete and submit form ABC521-1 along with a certified check, cashier check, or money order for corresponding fees at a local ABC district office. You can only submit your entry during September 10th to 21st. ABC is very strict and thorough when it comes to licensing – especially with new licenses.

The only catch with the ABC lottery is that not every county is issuing new license or allowing intercounty transfers. However, we are happy to report that for the first time, in a long time, Napa is issuing new licenses! Here is a list of this year’s ABC lottery

‼️ATTENTION‼️The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is issuing new licenses! Give us a call for more info and…

Posted by Liquor License Network on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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